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The Romantic Hurricane Candle Holders

Hurricane Candle Holders were widely used for lighting up purposes, when electricity and gas had not yet made their presence. The glass holder comes along with a glass stand. The stand holds the candle and the dome are used to cover the candle so as protect the flame from wind.

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The wide dome of the holder turns fluted as it goes up. Their size varies from 7 inches to 14 inches. Lighted colored candles enhance the beauty of the candle holders and its surroundings. An appealing floral arrangement along with the beautiful hurricane holders endows your dining area a touch of class and beauty. Ribbons can also be used to decorate the holders on special occasions.

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According to the aesthetic sense of the user, the holders can be used in creative ways to add to the beauty of the inside as well as outside of the house. The holder, if positioned in an old fashioned casing can be hanged in the garden, during a party. Hurricane candle holders have an assortment of eye catching shapes and divine colors to match with interior and exterior decorations. White, bronze, silver, copper and black shades create magic to your party. These holders originally were used with oil which later came to be used with candles.

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The holders in different sizes and colors grouped and arranged in a lush green background adds romance to the setting and is perfect for a memorable romantic evening. The sensible and elegant decorative candle holders offer a bravura glow to a room.

Though world has changed tremendously, the charm of these holders still remains! Our passion for old traditions and customs might have prompted us to preserve certain articles even after the arrival of more fancied alternatives. Romance never goes out of fashion! What else is there to high light a romantic evening other than the aura created by beautifully lit candles!

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