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There are many articles and blogs describing the benefits of aromatherapy jar candles for soothing, relaxing, relieving stress and rejuvenating a person’s mind and body. But does a scented candle have to be classified as an “aromatherapy” candle to provide some of the same benefits?

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To explore this question we must first understand what aromatherapy really is. Although there are many definitions, the basic definition of aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to provide physical and mental well-being through topical or aromatic application. Many essential oils have their own unique healing properties due to their chemical makeup but they also have distinct aromas.

Seeing as the sense of smell is one of our strongest emotional senses, it only seems to reason that any aroma, be it the aroma of an essential oil or the aroma from a fragrance oil should be able to provide a relaxing environment, a soothing environment or a stress-free atmosphere when you are in a room where the fragrance is being dispersed.

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One of the most common ways of dispersing fragrance throughout a room is by burning a candle. Jar candles are especially popular because you can easily transport the candle (say between home and the office) without damaging the wick or wax. There is a plethora of scented jar candles available and although they may not contain fragrance of essential oils, their fragrances do bring about emotional feelings of relaxation, calm, relief, and sometimes melancholy.

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Even before taking your first sip, doesn’t the aroma of your freshly brewed morning coffee give you a lift? Then it can be said that a coffee fragranced candle can provide the same uplifting benefit. When you smell freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, doesn’t the aroma give you a feeling of melancholy remembering back to the time of your childhood making cookies with mom? Then it can be said that a chocolate chip cookie scented candle can give you the same emotion. When you peel an orange, doesn’t the refreshing aroma uplift and re-energize you even before eating the orange? Then it can be said that an orange scented candle can provide the same rejuvenating benefit.

You do not always have to have an aromatherapy candle with essential oils to receive emotional benefits. Try burning a Fresh Linen scented jar candle in your bedroom a few hours before it’s time to go to sleep and see if you don’t have that same relaxed feeling as you do when you climb into bed on “clean sheet day”. Or try burning a Vanilla Orchid scented jar candle in your bathroom while you relax in a tub and see if you don’t have a sense of calm while dreaming of relaxing on an exotic tropical beach. How about burning an Orange Spice scented jar candle while you are cleaning on a Saturday morning and see if you don’t feel refreshed and uplifted.

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Jar candles scented with fragrance oil instead of essential oil may not have the healing properties claimed to exist in true aromatherapy candles, but don’t feel that you cannot benefit from these scented candles. It is always beneficial anytime your emotions are affected in a positive way.

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