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Hurricane Candle Holder – It Is a Real Beauty!

Candle holders are of various varieties as in the case of candles. The difference could be in shape, size, design, color, pattern etc. Among the holders one of the most sought after type of holders are hurricane candle holders. No other holder variety has as much popularity as this one. Hurricane holders are usually made of glass. Sometimes, other materials like ceramic, plastic etc are also used along with glass to create special designs. The size could be anywhere from 7 inches to 14 inches.

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The beauty which hurricane holders give to a candle is beyond words. If the holder is colored, the light which emits will also be similar. If we go into the history of hurricane candle holders, we can see that the initial one’s had a glass chimney and a base which is made of brass.

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Modern designs of these holders have more to speak and show. Before the arrival of electricity, hurricane holders were an everyday-use artifact. Almost every household had hurricane lamps (which used oil for lighting purposes) hanging from the ceiling, providing light to everyone. Then candles came, changing hurricane lamps to hurricane candle holders. Now, these types of holders are mostly used for decorative purposes.

Decorative purposes means a lot. Varieties of holders are used for providing different looks to a setting. Some holders give antique look whereas some others give post-modern look. It all depends on people’s choice. In modern architecture, use of candles instead of electric lights is advised in some parts of a house or building (for example, bathrooms). This is also to save electricity. The other purpose is that candles with excellent hurricane holders can give a better look to the space. It is better to remember that when you are using a hurricane candle stand, the candle you use should also be matching with the holder.


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