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Glass Candle Holders – Burn Your Candles Safely

Candles are a beautiful way to decorate your home. They lend a feeling of warmth and whether you have them burning or not, they smell and look beautiful. However, even though they are great for decorating in your home, burning candles can be dangerous. They are a fire hazard and many fires occur in the United States because of burning candles. If you are not very careful when burning your decorative candles, you can damage your furniture, or even start a fire.

Solutions to the Candle Safety Problem

There are a variety of things that you can do to make burning your candles safer. Keeping candles away from fabrics, only burning candles when you are watching them, keeping them away from vents, keeping them away from children, and securing your candles so they can fall, are all important safety tips. However, one of the most effective and simple solutions that you can use is to keep your candles in some type of glass candle holder. This is important, no matter what type of a candle you may be burning in your home, since you can easily find candle glassware for any candle out there.

Reasons to Choose Glass

So, wondering why you should choose glass to hold your candles? Well, there are several reasons. Out of various holders out there, you’ll find that glass is not combustible. Other materials of candle holders, such as wood ones or plastic ones, can combust and won’t prevent a fire. Glass can also hold up to the heat, not to mention glass looks beautiful with candles as well.

Safety Tips for Using Glassware

While using glassware for your candles can definitely make things much safer for you, there are some important safety tips to keep in mind. First of all, don’t let candles burn down too low, even if you have it contained in a glass container. It’s also important that you avoid going with glass candle holders that have a very narrow opening at the top. This is not a great option because it puts the flame very close to the glass. Also, it’s not a good idea to pick up glass containers while the candle is burning. They can be very hot and you could spill wax on yourself.

Candles are wonderful ways to decorate your home. Add a nice glass candle holder and it’s even better. With the glass candleware, it will be safer for you to burn your candles. The glass also adds to the décor as well. So, keep you and your home safe when burning candles by choosing quality glassware for your candles.

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