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Easy Candle Making That You Can Do at Home in Just an Hour (and Sell the Candle)

When it comes to easy candle making there is nothing that is quite as easy as the rolled beeswax candle. This is a favorite among people all over the world. It is a great craft to do with your children and it is so easy and fast to do that you can do it in a lunch break. These beeswax candles are also a favorite among people who are looking for products that are more environmentally friendly as they are all natural. These candles are great as gifts and last for a long time.

If you want to create a candle with inexpensive materials and in only a little bit of time then easy candle making is for you. If you are ready to get started then here is a list of some of the supplies that you are going to need.

Beeswax sheets – You can easily find these sheets at any arts and crafts store. They come in many different sizes but you want to make sure that you get a larger size. Take note of the size that you get as you are going to need to know this later.

Cotton wicks – Once again you can find these wicks at an arts and crafts store. Make sure that the length of the wick that you use is longer than the length of the beeswax sheets that you got. The reason why we suggest that you use cotton wicks is because, like the beeswax, they are all natural.

Newspapers or cardboard – This is going to be used to cover the area that you work with. You want to keep the area that you work with clean and the best way to do this is with some newspapers or some cardboard.

Are you ready to start some easy candle making? Here we go!

Step # 1. Cover your entire work area with the newspapers or the cardboard. Make sure that the area that you choose is a flat and level surface.

Step # 2. Now take one of the beeswax sheets and lay it flat on the work area. Take your time as you do this so you do not crack the beeswax sheets.

Step # 3. Now take the cotton wick and lay it flat across the beeswax sheet. Make sure that it is perfectly aligned at the edge of the sheet. You are also going to want to make sure that the wick is sticking past the sheet on both ends.

Step # 4. Now here comes the most difficult part of this easy candle making project, take the beeswax sheet and roll it over the wick. As you do this roll the beeswax sheet just once over the wick, do not roll the whole sheet up yet. You want to make sure that the wick is enclosed tightly. When you roll the sheet up around the wick then press firmly yet gently on the wax so as to keep it in place yet not break it.

Step # 5. Now you are going to roll the rest of the candle up. As you do this make sure that you keep the beeswax sheet straight and aligned. Roll up the wax slowly.

Step # 6. When you have completely rolled the sheet up then smooth out the crease with you thumb, if you want, then you can even push the separation in together with your thumb nail.

Step # 7. Now the easy candle making process is almost done. Place the candle you have made in to a second sheet of beeswax. Line it up just as you did the wick.

Step # 8. When the candle is in place then roll it over once, just as you did the wick. Press down firmly yet gently in order to secure the candle in its place. Roll the sheet over the candle once.

Step # 9. Now roll the candle up in the beeswax sheet, keep it straight and aligned as you do this. Roll the candle all the way to the end and smooth the crease out just as you did before.

Step # 10. As far as easy candle making goes, this is the easiest part. Look at the candle that you have made, it should have a wick that sticks out of both ends. Choose the side that you think is the most attractive. That is going to be the top of the candle. Trim the wick on the top of the candle to about a quarter of an inch. On the side that you choose to be the bottom then trim the wick completely off.

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