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Decorating with Wrought Iron Candle Holders

Wrought iron brings you to the world of antique and classic art. Your home décor continues to reach new heights owing to this wonder metal. THe range of wrought iron home décor products extends its horizons to candle holders as well. Wrought iron candle holders are a must if you wish to ornate the walls, central tables and side tables of a room with the exquisite collection.

Wrought iron candle holders are available in many shapes, sizes, designs and price ranges. Basically, wrought iron candle holders are divided into types, based on their placement: hanging and stand base.

Beginning with stand base wrought iron candle holders, the base may be a wide ring or a solid plate with a stout shaped holder for heavy designs. The base may be a smaller ring or a small base plate for sleek, light, and tall designs. In the hanging wrought iron candle holders’ type, the styles may vary from wide to sleek to basket shaped to flat to tall to scroll wall sconces to candle lanterns.

Wrought iron candle holders can also be categorized according to their utility. There are regular purpose candle holders, tea time candle holders, patio candle holders, and votive holders. A pair of sleek candle holders or sconces, best for pillar candles, is ideal for the two sides of a mirror or a painting or a window. Wrought iron multiple candle holders are a great bet for your living room or dining area, dressing room, or dressing table.

Despite the different types, there are some standard designs of wrought iron candle holders. The designs types include floral, leafy, branched, curls, Spanish cathedral designs, French designs, castle look, and Gothic designs. For decoration, jade or ivory or glass may be used in a holder with a wrought iron frame. Color variations in wrought iron candle holders are also available. When using candles in the wrought iron candle holders, you must consider the shapes and sizes of the candles. Generally, the designer candle holders are size specific, but some wrought iron candle holders do not specify the candle dimensions. As a standard rule, use only pillar candles for brackets.

As beautiful candles burn in these designer wrought iron candle holders, the only word that can effectively define the environment of your room is, awesome. So, romanticize the evenings with wrought iron candle holders and shine and dine!

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