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Candle jars simply add more fun to your living areas. They are easy to make, inexpensive and look great.

These candle jars come crystal clear as well as colored jars to match your decor. You can unleash your creativity by coloring the clear glass or decorating it with sequins, ribbons and heat-resistant paints. You can also create different themes on the jars suitable for the occasion you are making it for.

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Candle making jars come in various shapes, sizes and colors to suit every type of occasion you can possible think of. From contemporary style to country decor, colonial style to modern designs, you get these jars in various forms. But the clear glass has been popularly used in candle making at all times.

There are exclusive candle making jars known as candelinas. These jars are designed exclusively for candle making like what we are doing here. They come as complete set jars, lids and other fitments.

These jars are very easy to handle and making candles are no doubt a fun filled activity you can do by yourself or with others. You can even convert this hobby into a money making activity. Jars can be procured from craft shops or you can make use of the ones that are available in your own home. It all depends upon your creativity.

Glass candle jars can add more aesthetic look and feeling into your living rooms when you have scented candles in them. Choose glass jars in different geometrical shapes. However, while buying look for a tempered glass that is strong enough to withstand the candle light and that does not crack.

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Making a jar candle is very simple. Position your wick on the wick tab in the centre of the container. Make sure that the wick is straight through the container. Once the wax in the jar melts completely, you need not throw the container. They can be reused with different colored candle in it and by giving a new look with a different decoration.

Also, when the candle in the jar is half empty, you can add a new color on the top and make the jar look more attractive.

Candles which have quality fragrance oils in them are very much in use in aroma therapies. The rooms in such therapy centres are lit with more candles. Clear glass candle jars of different shapes and sizes play a very important role for aromatherapy candles. Though they are very expensive when bought, it adds its own aesthetic look indoors.

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Once you locate and purchase a jar perfect for your project at hand, the rest is easy. Positioning the wick is one of the very important things you must perform while making a candle jar. The wick tab should be placed straight in the centre of the jar or container. Once you set the wick in the jar, pour in the melted wax which can be plain white, colored or scented.

Your kitchen is the best place for you to find candle making jars. You can turn them into hanging lanterns. You can decorate the jars and hang them by placing the candle inside the jar. A simple decoration on the plain glass jar looks great as it helps spread the light more brightly.

So, now you know that making candle jars that others will fall in love with, are simple and easy.

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